High quality Arabic & Indian spices and Spices whole blends. Best combination of premium quality spices and affordable price. Hawin brand spices has been the leading packed bottles spices in the Arabian Gulf due to the company’s.
Packaging Options:
250g Bottle, 100g Bottle, 250g 500 grm Plastic Pouches

Spices Whole:
Cloves, Cardamom,
Cumin Seeds,
Fennel Seeds,
Galangal Roots,
Dry Ginger,
Turmeric Finger,
Cinnamon Sticks,
Coriander Seeds,
Black Pepper Seeds,
White Pepper Seeds,
Mustard Seeds,
Fenugreek Seeds,
Sumac, Zatar, Burghul,
Bay Leaves, Round Chili,
Dry Lemon, Nutmeg, Etc….
Spices Powder:
Biryani Masala,
Mix Bahraini Masala,
Saudi Kabsa Masala,
Madras CurryPowder,
Chicken Masala,
Meat Masala, Fish Masala,
Prawn Masala, Curry Powder,
Ginger Powder,
Lemon Powder,
Cinnamon Powder,
Cardamom Powder,
Black Pepper Powder,
Cumin Powder,
Coriander Powder,
Garlic Powder,
Red Chili Powder,
Turmeric Powder,
Zatar Powder, Sumac,
Corn Starch (Nasha),
Kabab Flour, Rice Flour, Etc….