We offer various packaging options.

We do the packings as per the buyer requirements. We use various packaging bags such as P.P. bags, H.D.P.E. bags and new jute bags etc.

Our normal packets are
250grm, 500grm, 1kg,

Our Items are given below.

Masoor Dal, Mung Dal,
Toor Dhal, Chana Dal, Urid Dal,
Green Mung Beans,
White Indian Chick Peas,
Kala Chana, Green Whole Lentils,
Masoor Lentil Whole,
Yellow Split Peas, White Kidney Beans,
Broad Beans, Red Beans (Chawali),
Red Kidney Beans,
Green Peas, Popcorn,
Sago Seeds, Coffee Seeds,
Dry Raisin, Wheat (Harees),
Sesame Seeds, Coconut Powder.